Hosen Group

We provide an extensive range of products to cater to retailers, food services, distributors and wholesalers worldwide

Our Markets

Over the decades, the Company has built an extensive distribution network with an experienced team of people.

Our Retail Team showcases our products in the supermarkets, warehouse clubs, online malls and convenient stores. Our direct presence at retail stores enable us to launch new products and gather first hand consumer responses within a short period of time. This is a critical domain for us in this FMCG industry to create and innovate new products.

Our Food Service Divisions in Singapore, Malaysia and China service customers including hotels, restaurants, airlines, clubs, caterers, cafes, ship-chandlers, bakeries and dessert chain stores. With the evolving changes in the businesses of these customer groups, we have, beyond product supplies and prompt services, also engaged customers in the area of product development and other value-added services.

Our Export Division has, over the years, developed a good client base in our overseas network, spanning more than 40 countries, and gained a reputation of delivering high quality products and excellent services. The Company has leveraged on this strength and has also taken on the role of a service provider for procurement and logistic requirements for our established customers.

The Group will continue to provide an efficient, innovative and cost effective distribution network in the domestic and international markets to supply and distribute our house brands and other FMCG products thereby enhancing the value of the Group.